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Insurance? Call Boardwalk FIRST

Are You Considering an Insurance Claim?

Consider This…

Here at Boardwalk Contractors, we work will ALL insurance carriers and are HAPPY to help you with yours.  However, BEFORE you call your insurance company or agent to report your loss –  We Suggest that You CALL US FIRST!

Here’s why:

  1. With the aid of Professional Moisture Detecting Meters we can help you find the entire extent of the damage to your home or office.
  2. We’ll answer any questions you will have regarding what can be saved and what will need to be replaced.
  3. We’ll give you an idea of how much it is going to cost to restore your home or business.
  4. We’ll help you decide whether or not the claim is worth turning into your insurance company. (Maybe the cost will not exceed your insurance deductible.)
  5. We’ll help to educate you on the “insurance process” which in turn will help you to communicate with your adjuster should you decide to make an insurance claim.
  6. We’ll provide you with informed and educated answers to the questions that your insurance carrier will ask you.
  7. Best of All, we’ll provide you with all of this information AT NO COST.  That’s right; zip, zero, nada.  We just want you to be informed and educated when it comes to your claim.

So, when you experience a water, mold, fire or smoke disaster in your home or business – Call the Experts at BOARDWALK CONTRACTORS FIRST!  You’ll be glad you did.


“Claims Propensity”, What is it?

In simple terms, claims propensity is a mathematical equation that many insurance company’s use to help determine the likelihood of an insurance claim.  It helps them to determine “risk”.  It helps an insurance company determine how likely you are to have a claim on your insurance policy.  And by determining claim propensity it can aid the company in setting (or increasing) your insurance premiums.

There are many things factored into the equation and for some insurance companies the “notification of loss” is part of the factor – REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THERE ARE MONIES PAID OR NOT.  In other words, it is possible that if you experience a loss in your home or business and you simply “inquire” to your insurance company about it being covered – you could experience an increase in your insurance premiums even if it didn’t turn into a claim.

This doesn’t happen with all insurance companies but BEFORE YOU RISK IT – Give us a call here at Boardwalk Contractors.  We can help you decide which is the best course for you.  Besides that – Our Advise is FREE.