Repairing Bathroom Water Damage in Your Home

The bathroom is the one area of your home that is most susceptible to water damage. Look around at all of source of water. It is quite literally a room waiting to be flooded. You have  sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs, there is just a greater possibility that something can go wrong resulting in damage.

Types of Bathroom Water Damage

There are two primary types of water damage that can occur in a bathroom. The first is flooding from a backed up toilet, bathtub or sink. A flood like this is often caused by a major clog which results in water backing up into your bathroom. This type of bathroom flooding must be handled immediately to ensure safety and prevent additional damage such as mold and contamination.

The second type of bathroom water damage originates from a slow, ongoing leak that goes undetected by the homeowner. Both types of water damage can cause significant damage to your bathroom.

Bathroom Flooding as a Source of Water Damage

A flooded bathroom usually means your are looking at damaged baseboards, flooring and cabinets — on top of the other obvious damage. f the amount of water is substantial, it is important first to remove the water, then to remove anything that is wet. This includes removing damp baseboards, cabinets and sometimes even flooring.

If water gets underneath your laminate flooring or into cracks into your tile flooring, you could have a huge problem on your hands. The presence of water will eventually soften the flooring materials and lead to structural damage. The same goes for water that may have gotten underneath bathroom cabinets. Be aware that even when you think your cabinets have dried out moisture can still exist. Consult with a professional at Boardwalk Contractors to get an appropriate reading and prevent mold growth in your bathroom.

Mold Growth in Your Bathroom from Water Damage

Even without a substantial bathroom water damage, your bathrooms are already susceptible to mold and mildew growth, it is imperative that it be thoroughly dried as soon as possible after any flooding incident. You may want to hire a cleaning and restoration professional, such as Boardwalk Contractors to do this for you, preventing expensive repairs and mold removal efforts later on.

Identifying Leaks that Lead to Bathroom Water Damage

Keep your eye open for slow leaking pipes or toilets can also cause water damage in your bathroom. The presence of a problem is generally less obvious than flooding from a backed up toilet, but this type of problem can cause a substantial amount of water damage in your bathroom and other parts of your home.

Bathroom pipes are generally hidden behind walls, under cabinets and under floors, so when one of these pipes begins leaking you may have no idea. However, there are several warning signs that you may have water damage in your bathroom that you should always be on the lookout for.

Signs of Water Damage in Your Bathroom

The #1 culprit for water damage in your bathroom is of course the toilet. You need to know that even a small leak should be taken seriously as it may be indicative of a much larger problem. Be mindful of any areas of the bathroom floor that may be soft, as this is usually an indication of water damage.

Other things to look for when you suspect water damage are discolored stains on floors or walls, warped baseboards or blistering around caulked areas. Always be on the lookout for mold growth. A strong musty odor is usually the first indicator of a hidden mold problem.

Preventing Water Damage in Your Bathroom

Property owners can take steps to prevent bathroom water damage in your home. Because bathrooms have high humidity, it is important to make sure there is proper ventilation to prevent mold growth. Always run an exhaust fan or open a window when showering or when humidity is high in your bathroom.

It is also important to maintain your pipes and ensure they are free and clear of any clogs. Clogged pipes can cause a number of problems for homeowners, and proper maintenance is the number one way to prevent a backup from your pipes.

Bathroom Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage in bathrooms is a common occurrence for many homeowners, and failing to address the problem quickly and effectively can result in additional damage to your home. If you suspect a water leak or recently experienced an overflowing sink or toilet, it may be a good idea to consult a professional at Boardwalk Contractors to evaluate your situation and help prevent larger problems down the road.