Sewage Damage Restoration Experts

In the Antelope & Santa Clarita Valley

Nobody is thrilled when faced with cleaning up sewage damage on their property. Instead of suffering through it on your own, turn to the professional sewage damage cleanup team at Boardwalk Contractors. No matter the cause of your sewage damage, our team is equipped to clean it up safely and fully. Give us a call.

Sewage Cleanup by Professionals

Trained & Certified

Our team is trained and certified in dealing with biohazards like sewage safely and effectively.

Thorough Cleaning

You can count on our thorough cleaning and attention to detail to ensure the best sewage damage cleanup results.

Easier Insurance Claims Process

Our careful documentation and helpful team make dealing with insurance claims easier.

Trusted Reputation

Our reputation and strong reviews reflect our dedication to good workmanship and customer service.

Full Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage damage comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter the sewage damage problem you’re dealing with on your property, our team is ready to jump in and get to work cleaning it up. We have experience dealing with damage from:

Our Sewage Damage Restoration Process

Here’s what to expect when our team handles your property’s sewage damage cleanup:



We assess the area, noting the extent of damage and contamination. We use moisture meters to detect hidden moisture.



We take photos, record measurements, and keep careful records to aid our team during the restoration and your insurance claim.


Extraction & Drying

We extract standing water and remove all contaminated materials from the area. Then we dry out the remaining moisture.



We carefully clean and disinfect the damaged area to remove all traces of sewage and bacteria.



We repair damage and rebuild as needed to put your property back together.

Sewage is Biohazardous

Sewage isn’t just gross–it’s also dangerous. Sewage is considered a biohazard. It can put anyone who comes in contact with it at risk of contracting a variety of dangerous viruses, including:

The best way to protect yourself from contracting illnesses from sewage damage is to leave sewage cleanup to a professional team like the one at Boardwalk Contractors. We’re specially trained in safe biohazard cleanup protocol and wear protective gear to shield ourselves from harm. We can make your home safe again after sewage damage. Give us a call to get started.

Sewage Cleanup in 3 Steps

Call Us

Call us and ask for our sewage damage restoration services.


We will arrive as soon as possible and clean up the damaged area.

Safety Restored

Your property will be free from sewage damage and safe once again.

Better Insurance Claims Process

Dealing with insurance when your property is damaged by sewage can be overwhelming. Our team is here to help guide you through the claims process and answer your questions. Our careful documentation of the damage and restoration helps support your claim. We accept insurance from all providers.