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Water Damage Cleanup

Boardwalk is Your Water Damage Cleanup Specialist in Palmdale and Lancaster


water damage cleanup lancaster

Trained and Certified Professionals

immediately inspect the areas of loss both visually as well as with professional meters and then document the extent of where the water went throughout the structure.  That way, we know what’s wet and so do you.

We’re Experienced

water damage cleanup palmdalein analyzing and handling all categories of water damage cleanup safely and efficiently. From clean water, gray water as well as black water.

The Best Equipment

We maintain all of the latest drying equipment to properly dry out and return your home or business back to how it was BEFORE it needed water damage cleanup.

  Technology Proves ItWater Damage Cleanup Lancaster

We use thermal imaging/infared technology to scan entire rooms. Doing so helps us to thoroughly determine everything that is wet during a water damage cleanup as well as to help us determine when everything is dry.

Less Time = Lower Costs

Our enhanced moisture detection methods save clients’ money by lowering the cost of reconstruction.

water damage cleanup palmdale Proven Results

We maintain daily drying logs for each customer with detailed moisture measurements that track temperature and humidity as well as moisture content of  material. When we’re all finished, you can rest assured that your water damage cleanup project was dried completely.


At Boardwalk Contractors, Inc. our goal is to return your property to it’s original condition using the least invasive process available. That way, you can return to normal life much quicker than if major remodeling had to take place.

Having performed thousands of water damage cleanup projects, we will give you the best support.