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When Your Upstairs Floods…Call Boardwalk

When your upstairs floods from an overflowing toilet or bathtub and suddenly water is flowing out the door and down the stairs call Boardwalk Contractors. Depending on when you are able to stop the flow of water, you could end up with a messy cleanup. Unfortunately, this type of water damage is not uncommon, and […]

Repairing Bathroom Water Damage in Your Home

The bathroom is the one area of your home that is most susceptible to water damage. Look around at all of source of water. It is quite literally a room waiting to be flooded. You have  sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs, there is just a greater possibility that something can go wrong resulting in damage. […]

Choosing the Right Flood Cleanup Company in Palmdale

Oftentimes when your home is affected by a flood or other water damage, you will need to select and hire a water damage company quickly. The sooner the water removal process can begin, the less the damage the water will cause to your home. Time is important, and you will need to make a quick […]

What Do I Do With My Property After A Fire Damage?

Fire & Smoke – What Do I Do About All My Stuff? The damage that happens to your home from a fire can mean much more than the structural damage from flames and extreme heat. There are several, less noticeable, ways that fire can damage your personal belongings that can play a role in the […]